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Make Music Your Child's Superpower

Heid Music’s passionate team has been working to support music making, the arts in the community and the value that music brings to your life for three generations. From getting started with your first instrument, to playing with the symphony, they are a trusted resource for all things musical. Investing in your child’s musical journey provides academic, emotional and social well-being. Heid Music’s investment in service, convenience and community makes it a win-win.

Why is Music Education Important?

When it comes to school curriculum, music education is as important a subject as math, science or any of the other heavy hitters. Music education is about much more than just teaching music itself. As with any subject, the music itself is accompanied by important lessons in values that young people should be learning.

For example, a student will have to learn the value of self discipline in order to make the journey through music education. Without self discipline, we cannot take instruction, we cannot accept criticism of our work, we cannot spend countless hours practicing to hone our skills, nor can we take to the stage and perform.

Self discipline is just one of the many values that music education will impart to students. Someone dedicated to their own music education will learn the values of practice, of hard work and of setting goals. They’ll learn the values of self confidence, of teamwork, of humility and, of course, the value of dedication itself.

Music education impacts cognitive ability as well! Information from the Music Educators National Conference in 2002 showed that students that were involved in music programs at public schools scored 107 points higher on the SATs than students with no musical background(1). Christopher Johnson, professor of music education and music therapy at the University of Kansas published a study in 2007 that showed students that came from an elementary school with superior music education programs scored around 22 percent and 20 percent higher in English and math, respectively, on standardized tests(2). 

All of this and more can be a product of music education, but this is just one argument for why music education is important. Utilizing the resources on this page, we’re sure you’ll be able to find many more answers to this very important question.

Why Enroll in Music Education

All facets of music are incredible and important, but joining the band or orchestra can provide even more of the benefits we've already discussed on this page to a young mind. Solo musicianship is great, but being part of a team like one would be by enrolling in band or orchestra creates a community and atmosphere in which one can grow while fostering values like teamwork and so much more, as the links in this section will help you understand.

  How Does Music Education Affect Health?

 In addition to the core values music education can impart to young minds, it is proven that listening to music, playing an instrument and other music-related activities can all have a positive impact on health and your brain. From reducing stress anxiety to improving cognition and so much more, the links in this section will provide deeper insight into these impacts and effects, giving you even more reasons why music education is so important.



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