Sound Sessions

Join us for the Heid Music Sound Sessions, a fantastic opportunity for middle and high school students to enhance their instrumental music skills. Experience comprehensive and up-to-date learning with our engaging staff. These clinics are a collaborative effort with local school music teachers, focusing on addressing specific technique challenges unique to each instrument group. Every first Saturday at Heid Music Appleton!
Middle School and High School saxophone players like to have fun!
Middle School and High School instrumentalists like to have fun!

Upcoming Clinics

December 2: Shifting for Violins and Violas 

  • Understand the concept of shifting
  • Gain confidence in shifting without looking at their hand
  • Experience success in mastering this technique
  • Acquire valuable tools for practicing at home 


January 6: Upper Range for Trumpet and Trombone 

  • Debunk the myth that some players can't play high notes
  • Gain a clear understanding of playing in the upper range
  • Acquire valuable tools to improve their high-range proficiency
  • Understand that achieving a high range is an incremental process