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Championing Music Education:

Heid Music's Advocacy Initiatives

Championing Music Education: Heid Music's Advocacy Initiatives

Welcome to Heid Music, a passionate advocate for Music Education. Our commitment extends to valuable partnerships with esteemed organizations such as NAMM, WSMA, NAFME, and more.


We actively participate in the WMEA/WSMA drive-in events held at the Wisconsin State Capitol, joining forces with schools, parents, community members, and local businesses. Together, we champion the profound benefits of arts in education, contributing to informed advocacy. Notably, Heid Music played a pivotal role in crafting legislation that enhances transparency in the Department of Public Instruction report cards, mandating comprehensive reporting on music and arts programs statewide.


Highlighting our dedication, Heid Music has engaged in the influential NAMM Fly-In event in Washington D.C. Our representatives have had the privilege of meeting elected officials, passionately advocating the significance of music education. Among the select 100 attendees, Heid Music's presence underscores our commitment.


Heid Music actively nurtures collaborative relationships, maintaining ongoing communication with NAfME, WMEA, WSMA, NAMM, SWIM, NASMD, and other esteemed bodies. We take pride in our foundational role as SWIM's founding member, and in sending directors to the annual NASMD conference. Additionally, our history with the NAMM board, dating back to its inception, speaks volumes about our dedication, with Paul Heid's board involvement being a testament to our commitment.


In line with our mission, we prioritize promoting and supporting music education. Our aspiration is for you to experience Heid Music as an invaluable collaborative partner in your music program.

Julie Wagnitz, Director of School Services, is on the Women of NAMM board and advocates for Music Education nationally on behalf of Heid Music!

Why We Support The Musical Journey

Engaging in music education fosters a lifelong journey of learning and a deeper understanding of oneself and culture. It nurtures robust social development and enhances the overall quality of a young individual's life, while also equipping them with vital skills for success in the modern workforce.


The impact of music education on academic achievements is significant:


Enhances the ability to remember and retain verbal information effectively.
Contributes to improved math proficiency and achievement.
Elevates reading and English language arts (ELA) capabilities.
Correlates with higher average scores on ACT/SAT examinations.

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