Orchestrate Your Career

Career Opportunities at Heid Music

When you join Heid Music, you can be part of something special: bringing music to life, connecting people and communities through music, and expanding the possibilities in music education.

Inspiring musicians of all ages and stages of life to advance their skills and pursue their dreams takes a team of enthusiastic, driven and service-focused people. After all, we refer to our people as "music enthusiasts."

As a music enthusiast, you will be aligned with our core values:

  • Bravo Service Delivery
  • Respectful Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Personal Ownership
  • Be a Part of the Solution, Be a Problem Solver
  • Drive, Inspire & Participate in Change
  • Continual Personal & Professional Development
  • Educate & Entertain
  • Maintain a Healthy Company

Join the ensemble! You are encouraged to apply for our open positions below.






Future Opportunities

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