Used Instruments

Used Instruments

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Used Instruments at Heid Music
Used Instruments

Comprehensive Used Instrument Evaluation at Heid Music

If you've been using the same guitar for an extended period, it must hold a significant amount of sentimental value and may even exhibit signs of wear and tear. You might have contemplated selling or exchanging it in the past, but the task might seem daunting.


This is where our expertise comes into play. Our primary objective is to assist you in finding your next instrument by offering services that encompass the purchase, sale, trade, and consignment of top-notch used equipment. To determine a fair market value for your products, we meticulously evaluate and research each item. Subsequently, we present you with an offer based on this assessment. We are committed to providing you with the necessary guidance throughout this process.


Instruments possess a dynamic and evolving nature, shaped by the hands and hearts of those who play them. They carry the essence of the players long after they have departed. At Heid Music, our proficient team of repair specialists thoroughly examines the condition and playability of each instrument. This individualized approach enables us to ascertain the appropriate resale value accurately. We maintain an unwavering standard of excellence in all our interactions with customers, ensuring that even used items bear our seal of approval and are in impeccable working condition.