Green Bay Drum

Craig H.

Drums & Percussion

lOffering in-person and virtual instruction

Hi, I'm Craig Hanna, a Green Bay native, and I've been teaching professionally since 2002. My love for drums has only grown since I first picked up the sticks at the age of twelve. Throughout my musical journey, I had the privilege of learning from some of the best instructors in the area, which exposed me to a diverse range of musical styles.


When I'm not teaching behind the drum kit, you can find me doing studio session work or performing with my band Annex. Annex has been honored with four WAMI award nominations and won the 2012 WAMI award for Rock Artist of The Year. I've also had incredible opportunities to share the stage with renowned bands like Buck Cherry, Goo Goo Dolls, Jet, Tonic, and many more.


As a drum instructor, I focus on tailoring lessons to meet the unique needs and goals of each individual student. While the material covered may vary, some of the essential aspects we explore include reading, time-keeping, technique, independence, snare rudiments, chart reading, and embracing different musical styles. My ultimate goal is to equip each student with a strong vocabulary and command of the instrument, empowering them to feel confident and expressive every time they play.


I'm passionate about drumming, and I'm eager to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Andrew K.

Drums & Percussion

Offering in-person instruction

Hi there, I'm Andrew, and my passion for teaching ignited back in 2005 when I discovered the joy of sharing my talents with others. Becoming a percussionist at the young age of 13 laid the foundation for my musical journey, and I soon expanded my horizons to include piano and music theory as well. I pursued my education at McNally Smith School of Music, where I had the privilege of studying under esteemed musicians like Gordy Knudtson from The Steve Miller Band and many other accomplished artists.


Currently, I proudly serve as the drummer for Consult the Briefcase and have previously played with the band Shaker and the Egg. Additionally, I'm actively involved in the musical endeavors at Celebration Church. In 2014, my dedication and skill were recognized when I was honored with the WAMI drummer of the year award, and I've been fortunate to receive several nominations since then. In 2015, my band won the prestigious WAMI Cover Band of the Year award.


With proficiency in various drumming genres, I bring a unique teaching style that helps me connect with my students on a deeper level. My mission as a teacher is to empower and guide my students, helping them unlock their full potential in a fun and engaging way. I believe that learning music should be an enjoyable journey, and my approach is designed to foster a love for music while instilling essential skills and techniques.