Why Rent with Heid Music?



Rent online and choose to have your instrument and any purchased accessories delivered to your school for free, or pick it up at any of our five locations.



You can exchange, upgrade, or return a rental instrument at any time. Rental fees will never increase during the rental period, and plans will not change.



We offer a variety of maintenance and protection plans to ensure that your instrument remains in excellent playing condition and that your investment is secured.



Our repair team has accumulated over 300 years of combined experience. Every instrument undergoes a thorough inspection before being rented. 

Rental Information

Renting with Heid Music is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Determine which instrument to rent

Learn more about the options that are available & determine which one inspires joy

Step 2: Determine your Rental Plan

Learn more about Heid Music Rental plans

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Step 3: Rent your Instrument & Purchase Key Accessories

Make sure you have the Tools to Succeed!