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Rental FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Program FAQ’s

  • What is the difference between “rent to own” and “rent to rent” band plans?

The “rent to own” plan allows 100% of your rent to apply towards the purchase of the instrument. The “rent to rent” plan is a lesser expensive option that is paying for only the use of the instrument. No money applies. You can switch to a “rent to own” at any time. This instrument can be converted to a Rent to Own plan, but NO prior rental payments will apply to purchase. You can “rent to own” a new or used instrument though we would prefer that our newer instruments are put into this category depending on stocking levels. “Rent to rent” instruments preferably would be our most used instruments depending on stocking levels.


  • What is the difference between a “gold plan” orchestra rental vs a “silver plan” orchestra rental?

“Gold plan” instruments are handmade instruments with an upgraded bow and upgraded strings. “Silver plan” instruments are student quality instruments with a fiberglass bow and student quality strings.


  • What does M&R cover?

Maintenance and repair for anything that affects playability, with no questions asked. This excludes consumables such as oils, strings, rosin and reeds.


  • What is IRP? How is it different than M&R?

IRP is our Instrument Replacement Plan.  IRP covers the replacement cost of an instrument that is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair. It is “the peace of mind” plan. See here for more information.


  • Why do you need my driver’s license number?

We need a universal form of identification to verify who is signing the agreement. Since the rental agreement is for an item of significant value and is a monthly subscription, we want to protect the identity of those in our communities by taking a moment to be sure that we are doing our due diligence.  We truly appreciate your cooperation!


  • What does the location of lessons mean on the contracts?

It would be where your child’s lessons take place.


  • Can I skip the email box on the contract – I get too many emails?

This is an important form of communication during the life of your instrument agreement. We are able to send updates and questions electronically to ensure that you are up to date with all necessary information.


  • How will my child get their instrument?

We can drop it off at school, it can be shipped to your home, or you can stop in at any of our locations to select our own instrument.  You will receive an email when your instrument is ready to pick up if you choose to visit us in store.


  • When will my first payment be drawn?

Depending on which dates we are offering, it will either be the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th or 25th of the next month. This will be dictated by the start date of your contract.


  • What do I do if my instrument needs repair?

You can bring your instrument in for repair to any of our 5 locations or choose to have it picked up at school by a Heid Music representative by calling any location.


  • Who do I contact if I move?

You can call or stop into any of our 5 locations.


  • Can I ever switch cards on my auto pay? Who do I contact if my credit card expires?

This can be done by signing into your rental account here, or you can call any one of our five locations.


  • I do not like to give out my credit card information. I will just send in a payment each month.  Can I do that?

We require an automatic payment option on file in order to receive an instrument.  If you prefer, you may drop off or mail a payment so that it is posted to your account before your due date, but we will still need an account on file.


  • What do I do if my child wants to switch instruments?

You can switch instruments at any time. Rental monies will apply to anything of equal or greater value with a “rent to own” band rental. If you are renting an orchestral instrument, the most recent 2 years of rental money can go towards the purchase of a step-up instrument. 


  • What do I do at end of school year?

Keep your instrument for the summer months as the money you are paying could be going towards the purchase. If this is an orchestra rental, keep in mind that 2 years can be applied to a purchase. It is best for your child’s progress to continue to practice during the summer months. We sell fun items and have contests to keep them interested during these times.


  • What do I do if my child quits band?

Your contract is month to month, so you are not locked in. You can cancel at any time. Bring your instrument to any Heid Music. We can also pick up your instrument at school but we require a call from you to alert us of the pickup.


  • What if I just want to purchase an instrument and not rent and not rent, what options do you have?

Outside of credit or cash, we have financing options available here.


  • Why do you need my child’s name on the contract?

If an instrument needs to be dropped off at school we are now assured your student will get the correct instrument. 


  • How do I know what instrument my child should play?

Your child should be given the opportunity to try any instrument that is offered and that they would be interested in playing. Parents and children should know that they will be successful on any instrument if the child enjoys practicing and playing the instrument that they choose.  Peruse our selection in store to see what they are interested in or check out our resources online.


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