Heid Summer Playcation

Join the #HeidSummerPlaycation challenge and start now. 
Practice 76 minutes and more  a month, qualify for prizes and keep your momentum! 


PRACTICE - 76 minutes AND MORE per month and stop in to Heid Music to get a gift! (must bring in a filled practice log, see below)

PROGRESS - Did you know that during the summer, kids can lose 17%-34% of what they learned during the school year? You know what will nix that loss? Practice! Even 20 minutes per week can keep your child on track musically.

PRIZES - We have a prize for EACH MONTH that this is completed by your child. Just print out the practice log below or stop in a Heid Music store near you to get a form to fill out to encourage consistent practice. When the month and practice is complete either bring the filled out form in to a Heid Music store near you or save them to give to your child's school music teacher at the beginning of September. Either way, your child will keep up with something great for them over the summer and get prizes for sticking with it.

PLUS - Kids that participate in all 3 months and use #HeidSummerPlaycation online to document their practice will be entered to win even more great prizes from Heid Music.
This challenge goes on ALL summer long and your child can start at any time, but why wait?? Start the Summer off right and join others in this challenge!
June 1 - August 31 : Pick up your instrument and get started!
Check back often for updates and challenges.  Let's all keep practicing!