Oshkosh Guitar

Josh K.

Guitar, Bass Guitar & Mandolin

Offering in-person instruction

Josh is a music graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and has over ten years of experience in the Fox Valley teaching private and group lessons, as well as directing bands and ensembles. He focuses his lessons on building a solid foundation of the basics and proper technique to help students become successful with music and enjoy their instrument. His unique style of teaching incorporates music theory and improvisation in a way that's fresh, accessible, and fun for students of all skill levels. Josh aims to turn students into lifelong musicians and lovers of music. With the right knowledge, students can develop their skills into a hobby or career in which they can be confident and competent, rather than leaving with just a vague memory of how to play one song! 


Grace S.


Offering in-person instruction

Hello! My name is Grace - I recently completed my masters degree at the University of Northern Iowa, where I studied vocal performance. I also studied voice, piano, and cello at Ripon College during my undergraduate degree. I take an individualized approach to working with each of my students, choosing music and materials that best suit their unique strengths and goals. I emphasize learning through the process of discovery, and strive to help my students prioritize progress and beautiful music over perfection. I enjoy working from method books, independent repertoire, or a combination of the two, according to each student’s preferences, and I am pleased to be offering voice, piano, and beginner guitar. I love empowering students to become well-equipped and independent musicians, and would love to make music with you!