Lessons For All Ages & Stages

From youth to adult, beginner to advanced, orchestra to electric guitar - we have teachers to fit every playing ability and learning style. Our music teachers tailor a lesson plan to each individual student, offering a personalized approach to music development.

Elana playing cello


Why Music Lessons from Heid ?

•          We select our teachers based on their musicianship, education and their passion for teaching.

•          All teachers go through an annual background check.

•          We offer private studios, fully equipped with the essentials for your instrument of choice

•          Students receive special discounts, scholarship opportunities, exclusive live music invites, in-store clinics and much more.

•           We understand that all learning styles are unique and therefore provide a variety of top-quality teachers to provide you with the best possible learning experience.

•           Our stores stock the books and materials you need for lessons, for a convenient centralized resource.

•            We will support you throughout your musical journey with a full line of instruments from student line to professionals.

•            Our teachers offer a personalized service—catering to the student’s needs rather than the teacher’s


The Proven Benefits of Studying Music

•          Increases empathy and respect for other cultures and languages

•          Improves discipline and capacity to work in a team

•          Provides a means of self-expression, increasing self-esteem

•          Decreases anxiety, aggression, chronic pain, and depression

•          Music is the only activity that simultaneously uses both sides of the brain

•          Improves problem solving both academically and socially

•          Musicians have been shown to hold higher grade point averages (GPA) than non-musicians in the same school

•          Learning an instrument can even increase IQ by seven points in both children and adults, according to researchers


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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding our Lessons


  1. How do I sign up? Visit or call a store near you to speak with a Music Enthusiast. Or email Education@HeidMusic.com.
  2. What is the cost? Heid Music students pay a one-time registration fee of $25 ($15 for the second family member, $10 per additional family member). This fee is non-refundable and qualifies students for discounts. Our teachers set their own lesson rates, approximately $20-$30/lesson. Payments are made directly to the teacher.
  3. How long are lessons? Lessons are typically scheduled for 30-minute time slots once a week.
  4. Where are lessons held? Lessons studios are located within each of our five Heid Music locations.
  5. Do I need my own instrument?Yes, all students are expected to bring their own instrument to lessons (except piano and drums).
  6. How do I select a teacher? You can view pictures and biographies of our current teachers by selecting a location below. Or email Education@HeidMusic.com for more details about teacher availability, scheduling and recommendations.