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Step-up Your Sound!

November 7 - 12, 2022 @ Heid Music Appleton

Calling all band and orchestra music stars!⭐

This is your chance to audition your dream instrument and experience a new level of playability you didn't even know existed! 

Crescendo features 6 FULL DAYS with all of your favorite trusted vendors including: Yamaha, Eastman, Conn-Selmer, Flute Authority, CodaBow, Schilke, Vandoren, D'Addario and Hercules!

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Why Step-Up?

As you progress musically and your abilities improve, so should your instrument.

The musical experience starts with a beginning-level student instrument and expands to an intermediate or professional instrument with improved response, smoother actions and richer sound. That’s where our Step-Up instruments come into play.

Heid Music is here to help you make the most of your entire musical journey, offering high quality Step-Up Instruments (also called Intermediate Instruments) from our premier brands.

Step-Up Instruments are designed with the features an advancing player needs. These instruments are an ideal choice for progressing musicians in need of an instrument that can meet their developing needs through high school and college, as well as for hobbyists.


Immediate Benefits of Stepping Up

  • Improved Response & PlayabilityRefined engineering combined with the musician's advancing technique produces a more enjoyable playing experience. The action is smoother and the response is more sensitive.
  • Improved Craftsmanship & MaterialsThese intermediate instruments are constructed with the highest quality materials, producing the best sound with the least resistance.
  • Improved Tone The engineering, craftsmanship, and superior materials combine to create a transcendent tone that aptly conveys music from heart of the player.

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You can hear and feel the difference while you play!

Visit Heid Music to try out an intermediate or professional instrument. To help us with your instrument selection, appointments are encouraged. We can schedule in-person or virtually to discuss our Step-Up plan including financing, review our selection of instruments & key accessories, or to audition an instrument.

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Enjoy 6 Days of Expanded Inventory, Manufacturer Reps Here to Assist, Numerous Brands Available and More! It's Time to Find Your Dream Instrument!

Our schedule will be changing throughout the month of October to be sure that we have the very best selection, inventory and support for this epic event. Be sure to mark your calendar and check back often!

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