Bastien New Traditions: All In One Piano Course, Level 1A

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Bastien New Traditions: All In One Piano Course, Level 1A

Composed by Jane Bastien, Lisa Bastien, Lori Bastien

Level 1A 
Expanded Note Reading
• Harmonic and melodic intervals: 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths
• Slurs and ties
• Legato and staccato
• Accidentals (sharps and flats)
• Hands together playing both as 2-note harmonies and note against note

Bastien New Traditions is a comprehensive and integrated method for beginning piano study that is easy to use and paced just right for today’s busy students. Concepts are presented in a holistic way, with lesson, theory, and technic pages mixed with attractive performance pieces all in the same volume. A gradual multi-key approach is used allowing students to experience complete keyboard knowledge. There is a clear step-by-step presentation of concepts and skills with straightforward, simple reinforcement and review throughout the series. The learning sequence is carefully graded to ensure steady progress, and students will love the selection of music as well as the beautiful watercolor illustrations.

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