Yamaha YTR-8335LAS Bb Trumpet - Silver Plated

Yamaha YTR8335LAS Trumpet
Yamaha YTR8335LAS Trumpet



Yamaha's YTR-8335LAS Trumpet offers projection and a rich sound with a full spectrum of tone colors. Developed by Yamaha artist Wayne Bergeron and Yamaha Artist Services, Inc., this instrument is versatile enough for all types of music. 

 “Since my line of work covers a lot of ground musically, I need an instrument that responds to these needs. The YTR-8335LA is the most versatile Bb trumpet I have ever played – from the scoring stage to soaring over a big band, the Yamaha 8335LA delivers the full spectrum of tone colors needed to get the job done."

- Wayne Bergeron

  • One piece yellow brass bell
  • French bead
  • .459" Medium Large Bore
  • Modified Z leadpipe
  • Monel pistons
Level: Custom 
Key: Bb 
Bore: M: 0.459"
Bell Diameter: 5" 
Leadpipe: Gold brass; Modified Z  
Body Material: Yellow brass 
Bell Material: Yellow brass; One-piece 
Weight: Medium  
Key Buttons: Mother of pearl 
Finish: Silver-plated  
Pistons / Valves: Monel 
Mouthpiece: TR14B4
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