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Piano Safari: Theory Book 3

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Students learn concepts through their work in Repertoire Book 3, Technique Book 3, and the Sight Reading Cards by analyzing and playing pieces and exercises. In the Theory Book 3, additional modes of learning are utilized, which include:

  • Analyzing
  • Writing
  • Copying
  • Harmonizing

These varying ways of approaching each concept ensure that students understand the basics of music notation thoroughly. Theory Book 3 is suitable both for use in the lesson and as homework for private lessons and group classes.


Concepts included in Theory Book 3:

  • Major, minor, diminished and augmented pentascales and triads
  • Keys of C major, A Minor, G Major, E Minor, F Major, and D Minor
  • Scales, chord inversions, and chord progressions
  • Letter name and Roman numeral analysis
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