Moon Gel

Moongel Damper Pads - Clear

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Drummers, you need Moongel! Are your toms not thuddy enough? A little too much ring on your cymbals? Does your snare need more snap and less resonance? Moongel is the solution! Moongel is a non-toxic self-adhesive gel that sticks to drum heads, cymbals, and most percussion equipment, giving you a flexible dampening solution for your drum gear. Move the Moongel around the drum head and cymbal until you find and impede the offending frequencies. Moongel is washable and retains its stickiness, giving you years of service.
  • 6 blue self-adhesive pads 
  • Deadens unwanted resonant frequencies on drums and cymbals 
  • Cut sheet to desired size 
  • Wash and reuse 
  • Plastic storage container included
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