Howarth S50C Full Conservatory Oboe - Silver Plated Keys

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  • Howarth S50C Full Conservatory Oboe
  • Howarth S50C Full Conservatory Oboe bell
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The S50c oboe has been designed for advanced musicians to enjoy the sound and feel of a professional instruments at an advantageous price.  It is based on our prestige instruments, with a full conservatory platueu system and an adapted XL oboe bore.  It uses the same bell as an XL oboe to give a centered tone and enhanced projection. The S50c benefits from selective undercutting and voicing of the toneholes to enrich the tonal quality. 
It features metal socket liners and metal-sleeved tenons to provide a barrier against the moisture that can collect in the sockets.  Additionally, this helps to secure the alignment of the mechanisms across the joints and provides long-lasting protection.  The external dimensions of the S50c oboe are the same as the S40c to keep the instrument light in weight.
This model is also available with a synthetic lining of the top section of the top joint to prevent cracking in demanding climatic conditions.


  • Full Conservatory System
  • Body in seasoned Grenadilla wood
  • Silver-plated keys
  • Semi-Automatic Octaves
  • 3rd Octave Key
  • C-D Trill Key (X 2)
  • C-C# Trill Key
  • Left-hand F Key
  • Forked F vent
  • Low Bb vent
  • Articulated C#
  • Ab-Bb and Ab-A Trill Mechanisms
  • Auxiliary C
  • Split Ring third finger right hand, facilitating E-Eb Trill
  • Additional Adjusting Screws
  • Supplied in quality protective case and case cover, with accessories.
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