Backun Q Series A Clarinet - Grenadilla w/ Silver Keys

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Experience the timeless charm and playability of the Q Series Clarinet, a true classic in the world of Backun instruments. With a combination of traditional grenadilla wood, silver-plated key work, and modern enhancements like an inline trill keys and precision-cut tone holes, this clarinet ensures impeccable intonation, response, and reduced condensation accumulation. The Backun Q Series A Clarinet is an affordable masterpiece, offering a premium, unstained grenadilla wood body, customizable ergonomics, and reliable mechanics, making it the classic choice for advancing musicians.

Key Features:

  1. Premium, unstained grenadilla wood body with silver key work for a classic feel and playability.
  2. Inline trill keys and precision under/overcut tone holes for impeccable intonation and reduced condensation accumulation.
  3. Adjustable thumb rest with neck strap ring, custom coil springs, and advanced adjustment screws for personalized ergonomics and reliable mechanics.
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