Flight Long Neck Travel Soprano Ukulele - Surf

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  • Flight Long Neck Travel Soprano Ukulele - Surf
  • Flight Long Neck Travel Soprano Ukulele - Surf
  • Flight Long Neck Travel Soprano Ukulele - Surf

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When you’re on the beach, alone, under the night sky, you need the best tool to sing to the universe with. An instrument with a killer sound which can also withstand more mileage through challenging climates than you could ever hope for. Catch the wave with the brand new sleek ocean inspired design from Flight ukulele.
Flight unapologetically uses plastic because it is resilient and the well-established TUS-35 proves that it gives a sound to bowl you over. They've added a concert scale to the soprano body so that when you’re away from home, you have the comfort sustain and depth of a concert-sized fretboard and the punch and percussiveness of the soprano.
  • Manufacturer: Flight Ukuleles
  • Series: Travel Series
  • Model: TUSL25 SURF
Linden wood
Linden is a wood characterised by a bright sound and sleek texture. It also absorbs water colours in a very interesting way creating very cool patterns, which means that no uke is the same and your uke will be the one and only. On top of that, a special wiping colour technique was used to create even more patterns.
ABS Neck & Fingerboard
The neck and fingerboard of this ukulele are made from ABS plastic. It is a perfect solution for entry class ukuleles, since it is not prone to any weather changes. You will never get a sharp fret or bent neck in any of Flight's Travel ukuleles. The neck surface imitates the wood pattern, to avoid a feeling of cheap plastic.
Zero fret & ABS Saddle
Zero fret paired with unique bridge construction keeps the string action low and intonation on point. Since the plastic is never going to move, you will never have to deal with any additional work on the saddle.
Black strap button
Rounded back construction of this uke made adding a strap button a real necessity, so that it would not slide against your chest.
Always ready to go
The final touch that the Travel Ukulele needed was a cool gig bag to accompany it on your travels. Flight chose the blue denim colour to compliment your style and also to make the bag stand out from the standard black that everyone else seems to favour.
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