Yamaha YHR-671D Geyer Detachable Bell French Horn - Lacquer

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The YHR-671D with detachable bell is a traditional Geyer style horn that shares the basic YHR-871 design. It offers the clear tone, deep resonance, and overall performance of a high-end instrument while being easy to play.

  • Wrap Style and Bell: An orthodox Geyer style wrap is used with a medium size bell and relatively thick rim wire. The tone is rich and deep with a solid core.
  • Bell Type: Detachable
  • Leadpipe: A new leadpipe design in gold brass contributes to consistent tone and resistance throughout the instrument’s range.
  • Tuning Slide and Valve Casing: The main tuning slide has a rounded shape that improves playing feel. The valve casing is made of Nickel silver, enhancing both the instrument’s response and durability.
  • Adjustable 4th Rotor Thumb Lever: The 4th thumb lever can be adjusted for the most comfortable playing position.
  • Long Pull Ring: The Bb 2nd valve slide features a long pull ring that adds to overall playing convenience.


Key: F/Bb
Body: Yellow brass
Bell Size: M
Bell Type: Detachable
Bore Size: 12.0mm (0.472")
Number of Valves: 4
Valve Rotors: Solid
Lever Action: String
Finish: Clear lacquer
Mouthpiece: HR-32C4
Case: Included

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