Yamaha YHR-668NDII French Horn - Nickel Silver

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Yamaha YHR-668NDII French Horn Double French Horn is a masterpiece designed for those seeking a commanding presence and a rich, resonant sound. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this instrument embodies the perfect blend of artistry and precision engineering. The .472-inch bore and Kruspe style wrap contribute to the instrument's lightning-fast response, facilitating smooth and precise articulation. Every note you play will have a secure and centered sound, giving you the confidence to explore the full range of musical expression. For advancing musicians who prioritize exceptional quality, impeccable intonation, and a powerful presence, the Yamaha YHR-668NDII is the instrument of choice. Elevate your performances to new heights and leave a lasting impression with this remarkable French horn.


Key Features:

  • Hand-lapped rotary valves and slides
  • Articulated key levers
  • Hammered and annealed bell detachable bell
  • Cyclical bore
  • Nickel-silver body
Key: F/Bb 
Body: Nickel silver
Bell Size: LL
Bell Type: Detachable
Bore Size: 12mm (0.472")
Number of Valves: 4
Valve Rotors: Solid
Lever Action: String
Finish: Clear lacquer
Mouthpiece: HR-30D4
Case: Included
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