Yamaha YEV-104 Electric Violin - Black

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  • Yamaha YEV104 Black Electric Violin - front view
  • Yamaha YEV104 Black Electric Violin - side view
  • Yamaha YEV104 Black Electric Violin - rear view


The Yamaha YEV104 Electric Violin is inspired by craft and design elements of Yamaha's amazing acoustic guitars. Yamaha set out to design a new kind of electric violin made primarily from natural and rich wooden materials. 

This instrument takes a design cue from both violin and acoustic guitar shapes, creating a beautiful yet amazingly lightweight instrument made with six different woods. These wood materials are carefully crafted with an airy infinity loop-like design, representing the dimensions of acoustic space, and is as stunning visually as it is fun to play.

Using a unique Yamaha bridge pickup that carries over from professional Yamaha Silent Violins, this instrument delivers a smooth, organic and warm tone. The design incorporates a simple ¼” input to match the clean and natural aesthetic of this innovative electric violin.

Yamaha YEV104 Violin features:

  • Möbius strip-like shape provides continuity between front and back and appeal to the audience when performing live.
  • The lightweight design, natural touch points, and curves allow the player to effortlessly move between the YEV and a standard acoustic violin.
  • Achieves a beautiful, smooth, organic sound aided by the natural resonance of the wood.
  • Maple, mahogany and spruce body produces a rich, strong tone as the bow grips the string.
  • Walnut frame brings an ideal blend of flexibility and strength in a 5-layer wood design.
  • Professional-grade bridge pickup carried over from the Silent Violin Pro series design.
  • On-board volume control bypass selects direct output of the pickup signal, or output via the instrument’s volume control.


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