Yamaha YAC LVOX Synthetic Valve Oil - Light (60mL)

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  • Yamaha YAC LVOX Synthetic Valve Oil - Light (60mL)
  • Yamaha YAC LVOX Synthetic Valve Oil - Light (60mL)



The Yamaha Light oil is perfect for instruments with very precise valve tolerances such as Yamaha's professional models, the Z series, the Xeno series, and Xeno Artist models. It is especially suited for players with very fast fingers!

Synthetic oils are created from a chemical process that produces very even and consistent molecules that are similar in size. Since the molecules all evaporate at the same rate, the oil will continue to provide the same lubrication and smooth feel over time without getting gummy or slow. This also allows the oils to remain much more stable and consistent in extreme conditions, so if you often find yourself playing outdoors or in very hot weather, a synthetic oil will keep your valves working smoothly and much more reliably.
Yamaha synthetic oils have the extra benefit of a specially designed anti-corrosion agent that’s added to the formula. This additive counters the natural corrosive effects that saliva and moisture have on the inside of an instrument, giving increased protection to your valves and slides and helping extend the life of your horn. Make the switch to a synthetic oil and see for yourself how much better your valves work!
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