Selmer Paris Series II Jubilee Tenor Saxophone - Gold Lacquer

Selmer Tenor Sax
Selmer Tenor Sax
  • Selmer Tenor Sax
  • Selmer Tenor Sax
  • Selmer Tenor Sax
  • Selmer Tenor Sax
  • Selmer Tenor Sax
  • Selmer Tenor Sax
  • Selmer Tenor Sax
  • Selmer Tenor Sax


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The Jubilee Edition saxophones replace the standard Super Action 80 Series II and Super Action 80 series III saxophones. Jubilee Series instruments are more aesthetically elegant and offer redesigned features that are lighter and more responsive. Series II Model 54 Jubilee Edition Tenor Saxophone is a tenor that can do it all. Whether you are playing jazz or classical music or anything in between, the Model 54 is the right choice for any application.
Thanks to its musical attributes, the tenor "Super Action 80 Series II" has forged itself a solid reputation in the world of the tenor saxophone. It boasts unmatchable tuning over the whole range, an open sound very rich in harmonics and excellend projection power.
This powerful sound, combined with an exceptional blowing ease, makes the "Super Action 80 Series II" a highly flexible instrument. Its particularly well-balanced mechanism offers comfortable handling and great playing precision


  • Full-ribbed construction
  • Compact key positioning
  • New Gold tone lacquer offers more warmth and presence
  • Redesigned neck key
  • 100% French constructed


Why Heid? 

All band instruments at Heid Music are professionally inspected & approved for quality by the esteemed Heid Music Repair Team. All band instruments (from even the finest brands) can be subject to small inconsistencies & manufacturing residues that can affect how the instrument plays.  We take the time to inspect & address every item so that the instrument you receive is not just brand new - it's better than brand new.

Acoustics: Series II body style - full sound

Neck: Series II bore

Construction: Full ribs

Body Material: Yellow brass

Mouthpiece: S-80 C*

Mechanism: Compact key positioning - closer to the body and directly under the hand

Range: High F# key

Front F Key: Spatula

Left-Hand thumb rest: plastic

Right-Hand thumb rest: Plastic, adjustable

Adjusting Screws: high F, G# key, F#/G# lug, F#/G#, adjusting bar, low C#, low B, side C, side Bb

Pivot Screws: tapered

Needle Springs: Blued Steel

Pads: Treated leather w/ metal resonators



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