MXR M290 Phase 95 Phaser Pedal

sku# CM290
MXR Phase 95 pedal
MXR Phase 95 pedal

The MXR M290 Phase 95 Pedal combines the Phase 45 and Phase 90 circuits in a mini housing with about half the footprint of a standard MXR pedal. The 45/90 switch toggles between the Phase 45 mode’s subtle two-stage phasing and the Phase 90 mode’s more pronounced four-stage phasing, while the Script switch toggles between two phasing styles. 
"The Phase 95 may be small, but it’s full of rich phase tones, and it’ll take a beating on the road."

MXR M290 Phase 95 Features:

  • Ships Free from
  • 45/90 Switch toggles between Phase 45 mode & Phase 90 
  • Script Switch toggles between two phasing styles
  • Speed Control to adjust the rate of the effect
  • Mini-Housing with half the footprint of a standard pedal
  • Compact and durable construction
  • Higher headroom and greater clarity


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