Korg MA-2 Metronome - Red

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The MA-1, a compact card-type electronic metronome, has been further improved. The MA-2 is an indispensable unit for rhythm training, and solidly covers the functions of a metronome. In addition to basic functionality such a wide tempo range and a generous number of beats and rhythm patterns, it also provides user-friendly features including an improved display, a loud, crisp sound, and additional functions such as a newly provided “timer mode.” 


  • Larger and more easily readable display
  • Enhanced volume and crisp sound for easier detection
  • Covers all the needs of rhythm training
  • Equipped with “timer mode” and “sound out mode” for daily practicing
  • All-new body design & improved functionality
  • Up to 400 hours of continuous use


Tempo Range: 30 bpm to 252 bpm

Tempo Settings: Pendulum step, Full step, Tap tempo

Beat Range: 0-9 beats

Rhythms: Quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets (straight triplets, triplets with inner beat omitted, triplets with the third beat omitted), sixteenth notes (quadruplets, quadruplets with middle beats omitted, quadruplets with the third and fourth beats omitted)

Reference Tone: C4 (261.63Hz) to B4 (493.88Hz) 1 octave

Calibration Range: A4=410Hz to 480Hz (unit 1Hz)

Tone Accuracy: under 1 cent

Connections: Headphones jack (3.5mm stereo mini jack)

Speaker: 15mm piezo speaker

Power Supply: Two AAA batteries, 3V

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