Heid Music Slide Oil

Slide oil
Slide oil



One bottle of Heid Music brand slide oil for brass slides, small enough to fit right your case.

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B133ALA Al Cass Fast Oil will keep your valves and slides moving on you trumpet, trombone, tuba, baritone, or horn. Will not separate or gum up. US Band & Orchestra


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B2942BSG Bach Tuning Slide Grease keeps brass instruments in proper working order.


BLKT The Superslick Slick-Kit contains Superslick's Trombone Cream, Slide Treatment, and a Sprayer. Everything you need to take care of your trombone slide! Superslick


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BSB1 The Superslick Pocket Size Slide Sprayer is an effective and convenient trombone slide spray bottle. Superslick


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