Lanikai: Founded in 2000, Lanikai makes ukuleles for everyone from the very beginner to the professional player. Made with many different types of wood, these ukuleles are able to fit any playing style or tone quality you are looking for.

Lanikao UTU-21C

LUTU-21C Mahogany Concert TunaUke

$189.00 $125.99

Lanikai Tuner

Lanikai Clip-On Ukulele Tuner


Lanikai SMPTU-C Monkeypod Uke Heid Music

Lanikai SMPTU-C Solid Monkeypod TunaUke Concert Ukulele

$549.00 $349.99

Lanikai TunaUke Pineapple Heid Music

Lanikai LUTU-21P Pineapple TunaUke Ukulele w/Binding

$155.00 $99.99