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Heid Music offers a variety of events and programming geared towards performers of band instruments such as Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, and more. To view more information about all Heid Music Events, check out our events calendar.
One monthly program that Heid Music offers is It's a Band Thing, an Interactive Workshop. It's a Band Thing is live streamed on the Heid Music Facebook page the last Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm. Click here to view our Facebook Events Page! Each month there is a new host with a new topic and instrument featured. Previous recordings of It's a Band Thing can be found below.
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Sarah Manasreh | August 2021

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Professor Dr. Sarah Manasreh will be teaching you how to shake off your nerves before a performance and be in front of an audience!


shires factory tour alexis


Vandoren 2 (1)

Shires | July 2021

Product Specialist Alexis Smith will take you through the SE Shires Factory and anser questions about equpment and production in a live Q&A!


Vandoren | June 2021

Vandoren artist Sylvain Carton will teach you all about tone on the saxophone and answer all of your questions in a live Q&A!


Trevor James 1 (1)

  UAB 1 (1)

Trevor James Flutes | May 2021

Trevor James Flutes artist Dr. Keith Hanlon will teach you about Extended Techniques of the Flute family, featuring music from minority groups such as Native American and female composers! Dr. Keith will even teach you how to beatbox on a flute!


Backun | April 2021

Backun artist Densise A. Gainy will teach you about step-up clarinets and clarinet mouthpieces. Denise is Professor of Clarinet and Instrumental Music Education and Associate Chair of the Department of Music at University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Bill Lucas 1 (1)  

Erin Rogers 1 (1)

Schilke | March 2021

Bill Lucas teaches you all about how to find the best trumpet for you as a player!


D'Addario Woodwinds | February 2021

Go live with Erin Rogers for a discussion and demonstration about Venn Reeds!