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Used Instrument Purchases

Looking to trade, sell, or consign your used musical instrument?

Heid Music has been your musical resource for over 70 years, but did you know that we can also help your used instruments find a new home?  A wonderful way to equip musicians of all levels and ages, pre-owned instruments are a great way to save money and keep valuable resources out of landfills.  At Heid Music, you can trade, sell, or consign* your used musical instruments.  

Heid Music carefully evaluates each potential used instrument; our expert team of repair specialists examine the condition and playability.  Resale value is subject to our inspection and needs at the time of evaluation.  Because of our commitment to quality, customers can feel confident purchasing pre-owned instruments from Heid Music.

* - Consignment elligibility is subject to evaluation, instrument type, and value


What used instruments are we looking for?

  • Grand or upright pianos*
  • Current digital pianos*
  • Intermediate or professional band instruments:  Flutes, Trumpets
  • Student line instruments:  Flutes, Bell Kits, Combo Percussion Kits
  • Quality Guitars & Bass Guitars*
  • Drum Sets
  • Guitar & Bass Amps*
Please fill out the appropriate form below for your instrument.  Be sure to include clear photos of your instrument and/or case, especially any notable condition issues or modifications.  
* - "Spinet" pianos 40" tall or shorter are not candidates for purchase or trade-in.  Amplifiers or other electric equipment music be 100% functional with all necessary components.