At Heid Music, we have a knowledgeable and friendly team who truly appreciate the art of music and is always ready to assist you!  From the classroom to the concert stage, Heid Music carries all levels of String Orchestra instruments, appropriate for beginners to professionals.  Our collection of Violins, Viola, Celli, Harps and Bass’ is made up of modern and vintage instruments from skilled makers from around the world. Heid Music features modern instruments from the workshops of Eastman Strings, Shen,  Dunov, Calligari, Amati Fine Instruments, P. Mathias, Ming Jiang Zhu Dusty Strings, Lyon & Healy and Giliano; as well as electric instruments from Yamaha and Bridge and many vintage instruments.  Every instrument is inspected and set up by our professional team of Luthiers to ensure a great playing experience regardless of the level of musician.  By working as a partner with school music programs our instrument selection is Director approved.  Heid Music also carries all of the accessories every musician needs, from rosin to rock stops and shoulder rests to mutes and orchestral strings our Orchestral String Shop is your one stop shop.

Heid Music offers free instrument inspections by a professional Luthier.  Feel free to stop by to have your instrument evaluated to ensure it is in top playing condition.  If not, our Luthiers can advise you on the repairs it may need and help you get the work done.

Our collection of fine instruments are available for audition in part at all 5 Heid Music locations with the main String Shop and repair facility located in Appleton Wisconsin.