It's a Great Time to Step Up

What does it mean to Step Up

As a musicians' skills become more advanced, their instruments need to do the same.  Step-Up Instruments are designed with the professional features an advancing player needs, but on an instrument that can be purchased at a manageable price. These instruments are an ideal choice for progressing young students in need of an instrument that can meet their developing needs through high school and, often, through college. We have also found the professional attributes of Step-Up Instruments make them a great choice for advanced part-time or hobby musicians - the right fit for local professionals in regional ensembles or community bands.


October 1 - December 31, 2020, take advantage of manufacturer rebates at Heid Music! Rebates for Yamaha*, Trevor James, Eastman, Jupiter, etc. in $50 and $100 increments. 

Heid Music will be doubling ALL manufacturer rebates October 15 - 31

Each rebate amount is listed on the individual product listing. To save with the rebates, a promo code will be required at checkout. 

Manufacturer Rebates: For $100 Azumi rebates, use code KHS100; for $100 Backun rebates, use code EASTMAN100; for $100 Jupiter rebates use code KHS100; for $50 Eastman rebates, use codes EASTMAN50; for $100 Eastman rebates, use code EASTMAN100; for $50 Trevor James rebates, use code TJ50; for $100 Trevor James rebates, use code JT100; for $100 Shires rebates, use code EASTMAN100; Yamaha rebates are a mail in rebate, but Heid Music will double the initial rebate! For the $50 Yamaha rebates, use code Yamaha50; for the $100 Yamaha rebates use code Yamaha100.

Heid Music Rebates**: For a $50 rebate on an Accent, Armstrong, Cannonball, King, Larilee Leblanc, Noblet, Selmer, Sonare, P Mathias, Dragon, Hofner, Howard Core, Wood Violins or Yamaha  instrument, use code Rebate 50. For a $100 rebate on an Accent, Bach, Buffet, Cannonball, Conn, Holton, Howarth, King, Meinhart, Schilke, Schreiber, Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagisawa, Ming Jiang Zhu, Camillo, Howard Core, Calin Wultur, P Mathias, Sofia, Heritage, Amati or Hofner instrument, use code Rebate 100.


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*Yamaha rebates are mail in rebates. Heid Music double rebate comes in the form of instant savings. 

**Heid Music Rebates not eligible for doubling.