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National Ukulele Day 2022

February 2, 2022 is National Ukulele Day!

Here are some great ways you can join in the Celebration of one of our favorite instruments. 

Learn some new songs on the Ukulele

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Put aside 20-30 minutes to work on a few new songs that you've wanted to learn. You've earned it!  Click Here to see some fun Ukulele print music. 

Take time to show your Ukulele some love


Taking care of your Ukulele is an important part of maintaining a quality sound and look.  For care tips, click Here


Buy a NEW Ukulele

Get a new ukulele

We definitely are checking out some of our favorites in store that we've had our eye on for a while. Just sayin'. We have a huge selection in-store and online to get those varied sounds that you're looking for. So tempting! Click Here if you want to peruse our collection. 


We've created the perfect playlist to get into the Ukulele groove. Press play and jam away!

Check out Ukulele Accessories


There are many accessories to choose from for your Ukulele that assist with sound, care of your instrument, and more.  Click the picture to look through what we have to support your Ukulele playing!

Visit our Ukulele Resources page


Strumming, New Chords, Tutorials, A Buyers Guide and More!  To see our Ukulele Resource page, click Here.

Mark down on your calendar to participate in one of Heid Music's Uke Jams!

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It's about time you participated in an in-person or virtual Uke Jam. We have a few to choose from each month. For more information, click Here.