Brass Instruments
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The brass family is comprised of instruments that make sound using the vibration of a player’s lips against a mouthpiece and controlling the pitch with valves or a slide.  Unlike most woodwind instruments, the sound of a brass instrument is directional with sound traveling outward in the position the bell is facing. 

The most common band and orchestra brass instruments are trumpets, trombones, French horns, baritones, and euphoniums. Trumpets are beloved around the world and boast the highest register of all brass instruments.  Trombones are one of the most unique instruments, using a slide mechanism to vary its pitch and tone.  French Horns have a sound that serves as a key component in many band and orchestra compositions.  The baritone is a versatile horn with a characteristic deep tone suitable for the school or marching band.  Sometimes confused with the baritone, the euphonium is a slightly larger instrument with a distinctive tenor voice that can be used in both ensemble and solo performances.  

Whether you’re looking for a student, intermediate, or professional brass instrument, Heid Music carries a wonderful selection of horns from noteworthy brands such as Yamaha, Bach, Conn, Schilke, Jupiter, King and Jiggs pBones and pTrumpets.  Looking for a cost effective introduction in to the world of brass?  Try one of the Jiggs pBones or pTrumpets that are comprised solely of plastic but sound like their brass counterparts.  Plus, they come in fun and bold colors to suit any personality!  For the intermediate or professional musician, try the Yamaha Xeno YTR-8335IIGS Professional Bb Trumpet which is an infusion of outstanding instrument design and great volume projection without sacrificing tonal integrity.   

With any brass instrument, proper lubrication is key to keep your instrument performing and sounding its best. Brass valves, pistons and slides need to be oiled before every performance or practice.  Fresh oil helps keep the valves moving smoothly, prevents sticking, and ultimately helps prevent corrosion.  Our senior repair technician recommends using Blue Juice Valve Oil or Hetman Light Piston Lubricant / Valve Oil, but any oil choice is personal preference 

Whether you choose to rent or own, buy new or used, our team of Music Enthusiasts would love to assist you and help you find your perfect brass companion.   

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