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Leading the orchestra with elegance and beauty is the violin.  Developed in the early 1500s, the modern violin is one the most popular and diverse musical instruments.  Heid Music offers violins in various styles and sizes – for the beginner, student, or professional; and from top-quality brands such as Eastman, Yamaha, Amati, Arcos, Howard Core, and Hofner.  One of our favorite violins is the Eastman VL601 4/4 Violin which offers German craftsmanship capable of astounding sound projection and a beautiful even tone.   

Want to be able to practice without disturbing the neighbors or amplify your sound to a large audience?  Heid Music offers silent violins from Yamaha which allows you to practice with headphones on or plug into an amp. 

A violin wouldn’t be able to produce its beautiful melodic voice without a bow.  If you’re looking to enhance your violin tone and sound quality, check out the CodaBow Prodigy Violin Bow – precision-engineered with exceptional performance to provide professional characteristics at a pre-professional price.  

Violin care and maintenance is key to creating a beautiful musical partnership.  To keep your violin clean and protected to look its best, try Hill Violin Polish and Cleaner. And to keep your violin safe and sounding its best, try the Stretto In-Case Humidifier. 

Just starting out in orchestra? Or expanding your string instrument collection?  Heid Music offers the ability to rent for student orchestra, or own whether it be new or used.   Heid Music makes it easy to bring the joy of music to your home.  Plus, each violin is professionally set up by Heid Music with expert in-house luthiers.  Check out Heid Music’s extensive violin selection today!  Our team of music enthusiasts would love to help you find the perfect violin for you. 


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