Testimonials from Musicians:

Danny & Michelle Jerabeck of the Copper Box band, make music part of their family with Heid Music.
Quin Nennig speaking of Heid Music
Pat Grasley talks about Heid Music
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Testimonials from Music Educators:

Audrey Nowak, Director at Bay Port High School in Green Bay, shares her thoughts on Heid Music.
Steve Jordheim, Professor of Saxophone at Lawrence University, shares his Heid Music experience.
Scott Teeple, Professor of Music at UW-Madison on Heid Music
Micah Hoffman, Band Director at Lincoln High School in Manitowoc on Heid Music
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Audrey Nowak

Multitasking is no match for Audrey Nowak, a string and harp extraordinaire who hails from the Green Bay area. Not only does Audrey teach, but she’s also a Hospital-Certified Master Harp Therapist at Aurora BayCare Medical Center. She also manages the St. Norbert College Youth Orchestra Program and directs the Bay Port High School Orchestra. You can also hear how she’s involved with Heid Music in the video to the left.
We could name quite a few more things she does, but you can check them out for yourself here: 

Beth Kille

If you’re into some of Wisconsin's local music scenes, chances are you’ve heard of Beth Kille. The award-winning singer/songwriter has graced the stage in several types of venues, from Heid Music in Madison to Appleton’s Mile of Music festival. Beth’s passion in life is to help people find their creativity, and she’s undoubtedly been a light for many, as she directs several musical initiatives in the areas she touches – like Girls& Ladies Rock Camp in Madison.
Learn more about Beth and her projects here:

Declan Killeen Toomey

Declan is a dynamic and talented performer, who never ceases to capture his audience’s attention. Since age 3, he’s been rocking his violin and has since won well-deserved recognition. At age 5, Declan entered the Rising Stars talent competition and won Best Child Musician. Since then, he has performed on the Main Stage in large venues including Overture Center, Capital Theatre, Kohl Center and several more.
Hear about Declan’s connection to Heid Music in the video to the left, and keep track of Declan’s musical journey here:

Roy Elkins

Even though he was born and raised in Michigan, Roy’s musical influence in the Madison area and around Wisconsin is truly a sight to behold. Not only is he a pianist, organ player, guitarist and songwriter, but he also is the Founder and CEO of organizations like Broadjam and Between the Waves Madison Music Festival. Roy is also the chair on the board for The MAMAs, a music association in the Madison area.
Roy is a great friend of Heid Music. Watch the video to the left to learn how he became associated with us, and check out some of his projects at the links below:

Tundra Line

If you’ve been to a Packer game, you're likely familiar with the Tundra Line. The group has been performing for over 10 years and has brought new spirit to Lambeau and beyond. The Tundra Line is directed by Patrick Coughlin and made up of several talented musicians from bands and drum corps from several different areas.
Hear why Patrick deems Heid Music a worthy partner in the video to the left, and follow the Tundra Line’s events and happenings here:

Lilie Fouts

Lilie has commanded attention from every platform she's performed on, from the Appleton Farmer’s Market to The Rick and Len Show. At 14, the two-time WAMI nominee has made leaps and bounds in her career as a musician, and she’s also become a staple in the Fox Cities music scene.
Lilie encourages other musicians to practice and keep their minds open, because she believes there is no limit to what musicians young and old can learn. Hear what Lilie has to say about Heid Music as a musical partner in the video to the left. You can also follow her journey and projects below:

Katie DeNure

Katie is someone you may have already heard of, since she’s a YouTube sensation! With more than 285,000 followers, she is leading the charge to educate and entertain her viewers. She teaches ukulele, guitar and voice – so, it’s safe to say her talents spread far and wide. The mother of (almost) two is a big advocate of using the musical gifts you’re given.
Hear why Katie deems Heid Music a worthy partner in the video to the left, and follow her on the following channels:

Natural Satellite

Jason and Karli Reisdorf make up the husband and wife duo known as Natural Satellite. The duo is based out of the Fox Valley and performs around the area and beyond. Jason, who has played in several groups throughout Wisconsin, plays the saxophone in the group. Karli, known for her unconventional techniques, is behind the cello. Together, they form an indie-jazz sound that can’t be matched!
Hear what they have to say about Heid Music as a partner in the video to the left, and keep up with Natural Satellite below:

Joe Schumann

Family practitioner, Joey Schumann, is no stranger to the music world. Not only is he a piano pro, but he also plays in prestigious settings. He’s a member of The Lutheran Ceili Orchestra and has played with Tim Janis. He’s performed with artists like Colbie Caillat in venues like Carnegie Hall, and regularly participates in Doctors in Recital (a Heid Music sponsored event in the Fox Cities).
Hear why Joey deems Heid Music a worthy partner, and view some of the projects he’s participated in at the links below:

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