Band & Orchestra Rental Policy

STUDENT LINE BAND RENTAL AND EXCHANGE POLICY: Rental agreements are on a monthly basis. Signer has the right at any time to pay the remaining unpaid balance due under this agreement. There is never any obligation to purchase the instrument and the signer may return or exchange the instrument at any time. Rent to Own It Plan Policy: 100% of rental fees apply towards the purchase price of the original instrument or one of greater value through the full term of the rental. Exchange to an instrument of lesser value after the first year will result in the loss of all rental payments made in excess of that first year. Signer can eventually own the original/exchanged instrument by completing the full stated term of monthly rental payments. Rent It Plan Policy: This is a rental agreement for as long as the signer desires to rent the instrument. This plan does not convert into a Rent to Own plan. At any time, signer can call or visit Heid Music to convert to Rent to Own plan.
STUDENT LINE ORCHESTRA RENTAL AND EXCHANGE POLICY: Rental agreements are on a monthly basis. There is never any obligation to purchase the instrument and the signer may return it at any time. Exchange of orchestral instruments vary based on growth and range of play. When signer or signer’s child is ready for a larger size instrument, the rented instrument may be exchanged for a larger size instrument. Up to two years of the signer’s rental payments will apply to the purchase of a full-size intermediate or professional instrument.
TERMS: Title and right of possession of the instrument shall remain with Heid Music until total timely payments equal the rent to own price (plus sales tax) of the instrument. At that time, ownership will be transferred to signer. If rental payments are not paid when due, Heid Music reserves the right to take possession of the instrument. I agree not to sell, mortgage, remove from the state without permission from Heid Music, or otherwise dispose of this instrument during the rental agreement. I understand that this agreement may be terminated if I move and fail to provide Heid Music with a new address, or if my child changes school districts. If this agreement is terminated, I will return the instrument and any originally designated accessories (i.e. instrument case, orchestra bow...), in good condition, to Heid Music or authorized agent immediately. Schools are not authorized agents.
MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR (M&R) COVERAGE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The monthly rate for M&R is $5.00. Coverage is solely for keeping the instrument in good playing condition. Repair coverage specifically does not cover dents, scratches and cosmetic flaws that have no effect on the playing condition of the instrument. Coverage does not include lost parts. Also excluded are expendable items such as reeds, swabs, lubricants, mallets, drumsticks, drumheads, rosin and strings. Repair coverage will be considered “Not in Force” if payments are in arrears at the time of repair. Heid Music or one of its affiliates must make all repairs. No other claims will be considered. Do not attempt any repairs on your own as it may void the coverage. Maintenance and repair costs are not refundable and do not apply to purchase.
STUDENT INSTRUMENT REPLACEMENT PLAN (IRP) TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The monthly rate for IRP coverage is $3.00, due on the monthly payment date and applies to the current month only. IRP coverage will continue as long as payments under this agreement do not fall into arrears. Under this plan, Heid Music guarantees to replace the instrument with one of comparable age and condition if the instrument is lost through theft, fire or irreparable damage. Notification of the theft must be made to the proper authorities and Heid Music within 10 days of occurrence or the replacement guarantee will be void and signer will be liable for payment in full of the outstanding balance due under this agreement. Purchase of the Student Instrument Replacement Plan is voluntary. If signer has declined this plan and instrument is lost through theft, fire or irreparable damage, he/she will be liable for full value of the instrument and case contents.
PREFERRED PROTECTION EXTENDED MAINTENANCE PLAN: Upon contract completion, customer will be automatically enrolled in our Preferred Protection Extended Maintenance & Repair Plan for $5.00 per month. If the customer was previously enrolled in our Instrument Replacement Plan, they will also be automatically enrolled in our Extended Instrument Replacement Plan for $3.00 per month. Coverage of both plans is consistent with coverage during rental period. See above sections for terms and conditions. Coverage can be canceled at any time prior to next month’s billing by customer request.
PAST DUE ACCOUNTS: Only payments made on time apply to the purchase of the instrument. Any payment not made by the tenth day following the due date will be assessed a late charge of $5.00. Signer is responsible for notifying Heid Music at least 10 days prior to the due date of all proper account information to process any auto debit payments. Invalid information or insufficient funds will cause signer’s account to be subject to non-sufficient fees of $20.00. We have the right to process payment for any past due balances and fees incurred at any time and upon receipt of updated automatic payment information. If signer’s account falls 3 months into arrears it may be forwarded to a collection agency and signer will be responsible for the full amount due on the instrument plus any additional collection fees incurred. The agreement is not subject to the provisions of bankruptcy law as the money collected is rent. In the event that Heid Music is compelled to incur any expense in maintaining or defending any action or proceeding instituted by reason of any default on the signer, such expense shall be the responsibility of the signer. Any failure to pay or fully comply with these terms may result in signer’s complete relinquishment of any rights of possession, as well as forfeiture of any right to purchase the instrument.
NOTICE TO SIGNER: Forfeiture clause: “If payment is in arrears and instrument is left at school, Heid Music legally has the right to take possession of the instrument.” The signer consents to Heid Music obtaining credit information from a credit-reporting agency. This rental agreement will expire every month from the start date unless payment is received on the due date, throughout the life of the agreement. There are no refunds for early returns. Signer agrees to authorize Heid Music and its agents to communicate by phone, text or email, and through the use of an auto-dialer or prerecorded phone call at the telephone number provided.
SIGNER’S RIGHT TO CANCEL: Signer may cancel this agreement by mailing a written notice to Heid Music, 308 E. College Avenue, Appleton, WI 54911, via email at or by calling any Heid Music location. Payments will continue to be deducted from signer’s account until the instrument is returned to Heid Music or an agent thereof. School music educators are not agents of Heid Music. Leaving an instrument with a school music educator does not cancel this agreement.