Prior to renting a string instrument, sizing procedures must be completed to determine the proper instrument size for the player.  

At Heid Music, we've created all of the tools that you need for all string sizing for Violin, Viola and Cello. As always, your Director/Teacher is a great resource for helping you to achieve your proper size.







how to size up violin

how to size up cello

How to Measure Without an Instrument


  1. To measure for a Violin or Viola, have the student extend their arm so it is parallel to the floor and directly in line with their shoulders.
  2. Next, have them move their arm forward so that it is at a 45 degree angle and have their palm face up. 
  3. Put the beginning of a measuring tape at the bast of the student's neck, then measure out to the center of the palm.
  4. Use the graphic above to correlate the measurements with the size instrument you need. 

Cello or Bass

  1. To size a student for a cello or bass, measure from the tip of the pointer finger to the tip of the pinky finger on the left hand. 
  2. Make sure the fingers are not over-extended and evenly spread apart.
  3. Use the graphic above to correlate the measurements with the size instrument you need.

How to Measure With an Instrument


  1. Have the student stand tall and extend their left arm out straight
  2. Place a violin/viola under their chin - the scroll should be approximately at the wrist. Make sure the fingers can wrap around the scroll
  3. When in playing position, the elbow should be bent at a 90 degree angle


  1. Have student sit tall on a chair with their feet flat on the floor. Adjust endpin so that the lower corner bouts of the cello are at their knees
  2. The C String peg should be at ear level to the player
  3. Student should be able to reach beyond the bridge when their arms are placed over the cello
  4. Student should be able to give their cello a hug while touching the upper corner bouts

Heid Music is a full line music resource, here to partner with you for your entire musical journey. We are here to help with accessories. 

Top picks for every player: 

  • Music Stand - Improves posture and creates a better playing experience
  • Method Books - Great for players at all levels 
  • Care Kit - Keep your investment clean and playing well

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