Z.Vex Sonar Vexter Series Tremolo Tap Tempo/Machine Pedal

ZVex Sonar Vexter pedal Heid Music
ZVex Sonar Vexter pedal Heid Music

The Z.Vex Sonar Pedal is a tremolo pedal with a bunch of other advanced features. It can increase or decrease tempo, duty cycle, (amount of time the tremolo is on in a given cycle), or both at the same time! With attack, release, and depth controls along with the famed ZVEX "Machine" circuit built right into the box, the Sonar is truly unlike any other.

  • Volume, Speed, Attack, Duty, Release, Delta, & Depth Controls
  • Bypass On/Off, Tap Tempo, Clean/Machine, & Arrow Up/Down Switches
  • Either 9V Battery or 9V Adapter (sold separately)
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


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