Yamaha YOB-441A Step-Up / Intermediate Oboe

Yamaha YOB-441A YOB-441 Step-Up Step Up Intermediate Oboe
Yamaha YOB-441A YOB-441 Step-Up Step Up Intermediate Oboe
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$50 Rebate on this Yamaha oboe thru December 31st! See below for details.


Meet the YOB-441A Step-Up Oboe...An instrument with the reputation for being the most professional intermediate oboe ever made.

All woodwinds purchased at Heid Music or heidmusic.com are professionally fine-tuned and inspected for quality by our Heid Music Repair Team.  Learn more about the team and their 300+ years of combined experience here.

The YOB-441A Step-Up / Intermediate Oboe features the same bore, tonehole size, and tonehole placement of the Yamaha YOB-841 professional oboe,  giving even and accurate intonation and making the 441 the most 'Professional' sounding intermediate model you will ever find.  In addition, this model is crafted entirely out of durable, maintenance-free ABS resin. This artificial material offers a sound as close to that of grenadilla as possible, yet is free from the dangers of cracking when played in difficult climatic conditions such as extreme dryness. The body has a matte finish which is almost indistinguishable from that of natural grenadilla.

Includes 400 Series Case.


  • ABS Resin Construction
  • Simplified Conservatoire Tonehole System (semi-automatic octave system)
  • Handworked keys, adjusted to optimize the balance of the instrument
  • A nickel silver bell ring for a quicker response and more focused sound
  • Stainless steel French taper screws and needle springs for precise adjustments
  • 7 trill keys - C#-D#, F#-G#, Ab-Bb, A#-B, B-C#, left C-D, right C-D
  • Left-hand F key and a Fork F resonance key
  • Professionally inspected by the Heid Music Repair Team - the Best in the Midwest!


Heid Music is proud to be your resource for Yamaha Step-Up / Intermediate Oboes in Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, Oshkosh, Wisconsin Rapids, and online.

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