Yamaha U1 TransAcoustic™ Upright Piano - Polished Ebony

sku# U1TA
Yamaha U1TA Upright Trans Acoustic Piano (polished ebony)
Yamaha U1TA Upright Trans Acoustic Piano (polished ebony)

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The Yamaha U1TA TransAcoustic™ Upright Piano introduces a new way for piano players to emotionally connect with their instrument. The touch of the keys, the embodiment of sound, the resonance of strings; TransAcoustic Technology enhances the playing experience by using all elements of the acoustic piano to augment and amplify non-acoustic sounds.

Yamaha U1TA Upright Piano Features:

  • Digital sounds with real acoustic string resonance and harmonics
  • Variable sound volume control to play digital sounds at low or high volumes
  • Silent System keeps the hammers from striking the strings, so that the instrument can be played silentlywith headphones
  • Headphone connectivity with CFX Binaural sampling
  • Ability to layer digital sounds with acoustic piano sound
  • 19 additional instrument sounds onboard--various pianos, electric pianos, pipe organs, harpsichords and others
  • TransAcoustic™ technology turns the entire soundboard of the piano into a “loudspeaker”