Yamaha Trombone Mouthpiece 59 Large Shank (Standard)

sku# BYACBL59
 Yamaha Trombone Mouthpiece 59 Large Shank
 Yamaha Trombone Mouthpiece 59 Large Shank


Produced using the most advanced computer design and manufacturing technology, Yamaha Standard Series mouthpieces feature unmatched precision, smooth attack, secure control, and easy playability. They have the ideal weight for all-around usage and are available in over 100 configurations. There’s a Yamaha mouthpiece to suit every player.


  • 27.22mm inner rim diameter; 7.25mm throat
  • Relatively thin rim
  • Rich sound even on pedal tones
  • Voluminous cup for solid lows
  • Plenty of power
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