Yamaha SB7X2 Trumpet Silent Brass System

sku# BSB7X2
Yamaha SB7X2 Trumpet Silent Brass System kit
Yamaha SB7X2 Trumpet Silent Brass System kit
  • STX2 Silent Brass Receiver
  • Yamaha SB7X2 Trumpet Silent Brass System kit
  • STX2 Silent Brass Receiver
  • Yamaha SB7X2 Trumpet Silent Brass System kit


The NEW Yamaha SB7X2 Silent Brass System for Trumpet is the next generation in Silent Brass technology. It delivers greater playability using a smaller, lighter, freer blowing Pickup Mute, and the Personal Studio, which features Yamaha’s exclusive Brass Resonance Modeling. 
Used together, the system delivers the natural acoustic tone you hear when playing without a mute, making it feel and sound as though you are playing mute free, in complete silence. Combine Silent Brass with electronic effects pedals for a whole new world of creative possibilities.
Check out SILENT Brass in action:

Yamaha SB7X2 Features:
  • Ships Free from heidmusic.com
  • PM7X Trumpet Silent Brass Mute
  • STX-2 Personal Receiver
  • High-Fidelity Yamaha Earbuds
  • Practice anywhere at anytime
  • Built-in Brass Resonance Modeling
  • Aux-in to play along with mp3 player or other instruments
  • Batteries Included


Order today and practice anytime, anywhere.

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