Yamaha B3 SG2 Upright Silent Piano

sku# PB3SG2
yamaha b3 sg2 upright silent piano
yamaha b3 sg2 upright silent piano

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The Yamaha B3 SG2 Upright Silent Piano achieves rich resonance and subtle accurate reproduction using stereo samplings from the world-renowned CFIIIS concert grand. The SG2 has 64 notes of polyphony and 30MB of wave memory that allows Yamaha to include longer samples, many velocity layers, key sampling for each individual key and sustain sampling. 10 voices, including harpsichord, pipe organ and strings, provide a wide range of musical expression.
The SG2 type Silent piano can record one song in the internal memory. Additionally, connecting commercially available USB memory to the unit allows you save recording data, and play back songs.
Yamaha B3 SG2 Features:
  • CFIIIS Sampling
  • 30MB Wave memory
  • 10 tonal colors
  • Built-in recording and play back functions
  • Equipped with AUX and MIDI terminals
  • Maximum simultaneous polyphony of 64 notes
  • Simple control unit
  • AUX and MIDI terminals