What is Maintenance & Repair?

M and R

Maintenance and Repair is automatically added to every rental through Heid Music for only $5 per month, as outlined in your rental agreement. This covers any maintenance/repair that would effect the playability of your child's rental instrument. For more details, please see the M&R terms and conditions below.


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MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR (M&R) COVERAGE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The monthly rate for M&R is $5.00. Coverage is solely for keeping the instrument in good playing condition. Repair coverage specifically does not cover dents, scratches and cosmetic flaws that have no effect on the playing condition of the instrument as solely determined by a Heid Music representative. Coverage does not include lost parts. Also excluded are expendable items such as reeds, swabs, lubricants, mallets, drumsticks, drumheads, rosin and strings. Repair coverage will be considered “Not in Force” if payments are in arrears at the time of repair. Heid Music or one of its affiliates must make all repairs. No other claims will be considered. DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY REPAIRS ON YOUR OWN AS IT MAY VOID THE COVERAGE. Maintenance and repair costs are not refundable and do not apply to purchase.


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