What is IRP?


Add our Instrument Protection Plan for peace of mind - only $3 per month! There are things in life that are out of our control which is something we learn early on with children. Rent with confidence knowing that Heid Music is here for you and will replace your child's instrument due to theft, fire or irreparable damage so they can keep playing.


Invest in your child's future with rentals - invest in your peace of mind with IRP! 

STUDENT INSTRUMENT REPLACEMENT PLAN (IRP) TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The monthly rate for IRP coverage is $3.00, due on the monthly payment date and applies to the current month only. IRP coverage will continue as long as all payments under this agreement do not fall into arrears. Under this plan, Heid Music guarantees to replace the instrument with one of comparable age and condition if the instrument is lost through theft, fire or irreparable damage as determined by a Heid Music in its sole discretion. Notification of the theft must be made to the proper authorities and Heid Music within ten (10) days of occurrence, or the replacement guarantee will be void and Signer will be liable for payment in full of the outstanding balance due under this agreement. Purchase of the Student Instrument Replacement Plan is voluntary. If Signer has declined this plan and instrument is lost through theft, fire or irreparable damage, he/she will be liable for full value of the instrument and case contents. At the completion of the term of this agreement, the customer will continue to be enrolled in the Student Instrument Replacement Plan for three dollars ($3.00) per month. Coverage of the plan beyond the completion of the agreement term is consistent with coverage during agreement term. Coverage can be cancelled at any time prior to next month’s billing by customer request.


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