Vox AC30S1 30-Watt Electric Guitar Tube Amp

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vox amp front
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  • vox amp front
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The VOX AC30 has been an integral component of rock’n’roll since the 1960’s. Its peerless and unique sound continues to amaze and inspire players to this day.

The AC30 OneTwelve (AC30S1) delivers the full-fledged experience of the classic AC30, but in a more stripped down and straightforward way. It’s single channel design is based on the revered Top Boost channel of the AC30, a sound that has been the source of some the most famous riffs in rock history. This unique, touch-sensitive circuit delivers a wide range of tones from chimey clean to rich overdrive. The AC30S1 also features a studio-quality digital reverb, an effects send/return for pairing with your favorite pedals, and an external speaker output for pairing with other speaker cabinets. This all-new AC30 represents the evolution of an iconic sound, pairing legendary VOX tones with a simple, modern approach to amplifier design.


  • Single-channel design inspired by the AC30’s trademark Top Boost.
  •  All tube design featuring two 12AX7 pre-amp tubes and four EL84 power-amp tubes.
  • Equipped with a single Celestion-made 12-inch speaker, specially voiced for the AC30S1.
  • Effects send/return and external speaker output are provided for pairing with pedals or external cabinets

The amp is equipped with digital reverb that simulates a classic spring reverb. It also inherits the Top Boost channel of the legendary AC30. The sound of the Top Boost channel has been the source of inspiration for countless guitarists since the 1960s; it continues to emanate a commanding presence on stages and recordings today.

The AC30S1 focusses on the unique sound of the Top Boost channel, which is easily considered the trademark tone of the AC30. It utilizes a full tube design, with two 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amp and four EL84 tubes in the power-amp.

The AC30S1 provides the expandability needed for the varied playing styles of today’s guitarists. The send/return jacks allow convenient connection of external effects, and an external speaker out is also provided for connection of an external speaker cabinet. The unit also has a built-in reverb that simulates a spring reverb unit, further expanding your tonal range.



Controls: Gain, Bass, Treble, Reverb, Volume
Input: 1 x Input Jack, FX LOOP RETURN Jack
Output: 1 x External speaker jack, FX LOOP SEND Jack
Tube complement: 2 x 12AX7, 4 x EL84
Output Power: 30 W RMS (16Ω)
Speaker: 1 x 12" Celestion VX12 (16Ω)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 658 mm x 265 mm x 550 mm / 25.91" x 10.43" x 21.65"
Weight: 24.5kg / 54.01 lbs.
Accessory: AC Cable
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