At Heid Music, we evaluate each instrument that comes to us.

You've been playing the same guitar for years. It's got a lot of memories, and maybe a few dings and scratches to show for it. Maybe it's even got a name. Maybe you've thought about selling or trading it before, but you just don't know where to begin.

That's where we come in! We're here to help you find your next instrument: we buy, sell, trade, and consign quality used gear. We'll review and research each item and identify a fair market value for your products. Then we'll make you an offer based on that fair market value. We're here to help!

Instruments age and change. They are not static — they are evolving and alive. They absorb the hands and hearts of those who play them and transmit what they have imbibed back into their playing. The signature of someone's playing lives on in their instrument long after they are gone

Our expert team of repair specialists examine the condition and playability. The process is different for each instrument, and this allows us to help determine the correct resale value. Our standard of excellence supports every customer interaction so they can rest assured that even used items have our seal of approval and are in solid working condition.  

If you're looking to sell, trade or consign a used instrument, please click HERE.



Used Instruments
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