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Welcome to Ukulele Tutorials!

For musicians who are visual and auditory learners, tutorials are a great way to progress on an instrument. The online ukulele world is vast and full of information whether it be through YouTube videos, online forums, or virtual events. Many ukulele players get their start by watching YouTube tutorials as it allows the player to rewatch and take it as slow or as fast as they like. Heid Music’s YouTube channel provides a few ukulele tutorials as you can see below. In addition, Heid Music offers in-person and virtual ukulele classes and group jams to give players the opportunity to learn new songs that cover a variety of genres and styles. 


Wanting to learn a new instrument? Give the Ukulele a try! Join Mackenzie as she teaches you 4 common chords, and even learn a song to play together!




Mackenzie is here to infuse your #MakeMusicDay with some ukulele fun! Learn how to play Ring of Fire with Mackenzie, she'll teach you the fingerings, and play right along side with you!
  Play along to this fun mashup Mackenzie put together of familiar kids songs!