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Ukulele Chord Tips

It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of repeatedly playing the same 4 chords. C, G, Am, and F can allow you to play many of your favorite tunes, but you will be able to venture out and try new songs by tackling a few new chords. Some chords are trickier than others, so they may take a bit of practice and repetition. The ukulele players in the videos below are breaking down a few tricky chords. They talk through the finger placement for each chord along with some tricks they’ve learned to make playing these chords easier.  
Ukulele can be as easy or as complex as you want to make it. If you’re looking to continue advancing on ukulele, widening your range of chords you play is a great way to do so. Take your time and rewatch the videos as many times as you need to. One day the chord will stick and soon become part of your everyday playing. 




Ohana sponsored artist, Devin Scott, breaks down how to play an F#m chord. This chord may be new to some players, so with Devin’s easy explanation of how to transition from an A chord to an F#m, you’ll quickly be able to add this chord to your playing.    Ohana sponsored artist, Devin Scott, teaches an easy way to remember how to transition between EM & B7. 




Follow Ben Hassenger’s quick tips to learning the Bb chord. This chord can be difficult as all four strings on the ukulele need to be pushed down, but his advice will help you tackle the Bb chord.   Especially for people with bigger fingers, the D chord can be a struggle as you need to push three fingers down on three strings all on the second fret. Ben Hassenger found a solution to this problem that can help many players – bar the entire second fret and avoid strumming the A string closest to the ground. Barring the whole fret is a simple way to just use one finger to play the D chord. 




Finding it difficult to play a D chord? Katie DeNure of One Music School provides 3 different ways you can try playing the D chord to find which is most comfortable for you.    Katie DeNure shows a new way to play the C chord that will add some zest to your playing. This different voicing is a great way to challenge yourself.




Ukulenny shows a diagram he created for beginner U-Bass players. Begin your journey on the U-Bass by following his diagram and memorizing where the C, A, F, & G chords land.   Ukulenny simplifies the way to play Em and B chords. By taking the exact same shape of the Em, you can now transition to the B chord just by jumping up to the G, C, and E strings. Easy to remember & easy to transition between those chords!




If bar chords are difficult for you to master, check out this tip from Abigail Flowers. If you’re interested in the lovely ukulele Abigal switches to during this chord tip, click here to check out the variety of Lanikai Mahogany Ukuleles in-stock at Heid Music.    Sam Bader shows a cheat way to play the D7 chord. Skip the bar chord and just use two fingers on the second fret of the G and E strings to tackle Sam’s cheat.